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You use Privus Mobile® when you get a phone number that's not in your contact list.  When someone you know calls you, their name shows-up because they're in your contact list.  The other calls and texts just display a phone number.  Privus Mobile® can give you the name of those numbers 90% of the time.

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For Family Guard, you MUST be on the monitored phone and download Android, BlackBerry or Windows into the monitored phone.

OSCurrent VersionFree DownloadPurchase
Android Family Guard4.04 - 6/2011DownloadBuy Now
Android Ad Supported5.01 - 10/2013DownloadBuy Now
Android OS 2.0+5.0 - 7/2014DownloadBuy Now
iPhone All OS1.7 - 5/2009DownloadBuy Now
BB OS 4.3 - 4.64.0 - 8/2010DownloadBuy Now
BB OS 5.0 - 6.04.0 - 8/2010DownloadBuy Now
Symbian S60 3rd1.5 - 5/2009DownloadBuy Now
Windows - New OS64.0 - 9/2010DownloadBuy Now
Windows OS52.8 - 9/2009DownloadBuy Now


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Enjoy convenient Caller Name Display on your Mobile Device with Privus Mobile®! Know the name of who’s calling when they’re not in your contact list. If you’re thinking, “I already have Caller Name Display on my mobile phone,” you’re only partially correct. Think about this. Your mobile phone only displays the NUMBER of the person calling, so the only time you see a name appear is when the contact is saved in your address book. Now with Privus Mobile® you can know the NAME of nearly all of your callers. You can get calling name during ringing with the appropriate device and network.